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About Heron Water Purifier (A leading company of water purifier)

HERON is the world leader manufacturer of water treatments equipment which is produce in Taiwan. It is renowned for its capabilities in providing water solutions of any size to customers throughout the entire water cycle. HERON focuses exclusively on water and its treatment technology. We continually contribute to the unique technical and scientific applications expertise developed during the last 15 years. Heron is experienced in meeting the challenges that arise during the development, installation and servicing of single point-of-use purification systems as well as large projects involving consultation with architects, consultants and clients.


Through our continued commitment to research and product development activities, investment in innovation, world class technical expertise, quality and the environment we are able to deliver significant competitive advantage to our clients across a wide range of Heron Household Water Purifier, Heron Domestic Water Purifier, Heron Industrial Water Purifier, Heron Commercial Water Purifier, Municipal Water Purifier, Healthcare, Governmental and non-profit sectors worldwide. We are also manufacturing world class accessories of Water Purifier, such as Heron Sediment Filter, Heron Granular Activated Carbon Filter, Heron TDS Meter, Heron Electrolizer, Heron PH Meter, Heron Pressure Meter, Heron Conductivity Meter, Heron Flow Meter, Heron 50 GPD RO Membrane, Heron 60 GPD RO Membrane, Heron 100GPD RO Membrane, Heron 4040 RO Membrane, Heron 8040 RO Membrane, Heron Booster Pump and related products. Our high performance pumps, membrane, filters, meters and control equipment are used extensively in a wide range of demanding commercial, industrial and process applications where reliability, accuracy, and long term performance are essential.


Our high performance water quality analysis equipment is designed for chemists, microbiologists, water treatment and facilities management specialists who need to accurately test and monitor the quality of water and other aqueous solutions. Our range includes biocide test kits, comparator tests, corrosion monitoring services, portable incubators, Legionella analysis equipment and laboratory services; microbiology monitoring equipment, electronic meters, test strips, titration tests and professional in-field test kits.


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