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৳ 13,000.00
RO Water Purifier. Brand:Heron .Made in Taiwan. Original Product


Brand: Heron. Model: GRO-300. Origin: China. Membrane: USA. Capacity: 300 GPD (45 Liter Per Hour (LPH). Reserve Capacity: 11 G Pressure Tank. Filtration Stage: Five. Dimension: 78 X 41 X 23 CM. Technology: Reverse Osmosis.


৳ 47,500.00
Origin: China Origin of Membrane: USA Capacity: 400 GPD {60 Liter Per Hour (LPH)} Capacity: 1600 liter per day Reserve Capacity: 11 Gallon Filtration Stage: Five

Heron Elegant

Brand: Heron Membrane Technology: USA Origin: China Capacity: 60 GPD Tank Capacity: 3.2 G Pressure Tank Technology: Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Heron Grand+

Brand: Heron Model: Heron Grand+ (Plus) Capacity: 75 GPD(12LPH) Production Capacity: 288 Liter Per Day Filtration Stage : Seven Membrane: USA

Heron Max Hot and Normal Water purifier

৳ 14,500.00
Capacity: 250 liter per day. Membrane: USA Filtration Stage: Five

HERON PRO 7 Wall Mount RO Water Purifier

৳ 19,500.00
Brand: Heron Origin of Membrane: USA Capacity: 50 GPD Reserve Capacity: 6 Liter Filtration Stage: Five Faucet: Goose type Golden Hand Dimension: 17 x 41 x 55 CM Technology: Reverse Osmosis

Heron Queen

Product Model: HERON-QUEEN Origin: China Membrane Technology: USA Filtration stage: Five Stage Filtration Capacity: 75 GPD Function: Hot-Normal Technology: Reverse Osmosis (RO) Dimension: Normal-8 liters, Hot-1.5 liter