Sanaky is a well-known and reputable brand in the water purifier industry, offering advanced water purification systems for homes, offices, and other commercial settings. Their innovative technology helps to purify water from various sources such as borewell, taps, and even municipal supplies. The Sanaky water purifiers use a multi-stage filtration process that involves pre-filtration of large particles, activated carbon absorption of chlorine and impurities, RO (Reverse Osmosis) for eliminating dissolved solids like heavy metals and salts from the water, and post-carbon filtration that ensures imparting natural taste to the purified water. Sanaky also offers UV-based systems with intelligent technology that automatically shuts off the purifier if it detects any malfunction or abnormalities. With their efficient performance and reliable quality, Sanaky Water Purifiers are an excellent choice for anyone who desires clean and safe drinking water.

Made In Vietnam | Sanaky Bangladesh | Original Product 

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Sanaky BSL

৳ 18,800.00
Filtration stage: SixMade In Vietnam

Sanaky Lotus

  • Brand: Sanaky
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Membrane: Vietnam
  • Capacity: 100 GPD

Sanaky S2

৳ 16,500.00
Six Stage Mineral RO Water Purifier Made In Vietnam


Model: Sanaky-BC Origin: Vietnam Membrane: Vietnam Capacity: 100 GPD Filtration Stage: Six Faucet: Small American type faucet Technology: Mineral RO Controller: Ro TDS Controller


৳ 16,000.00
Capacity:100 GPD
Made In Vietnam


৳ 17,500.00
Capacity:100 GPD Technology:Mineral RO Country of Technology:USA Made In Vietnam