Heron Queen

Product Model: HERON-QUEEN
Origin: China
Membrane Technology: USA
Filtration stage: Five Stage
Filtration Capacity: 75 GPD
Function: Hot-Normal
Technology: Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Dimension: Normal-8 liters, Hot-1.5 liter

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Heron Queen Hot-Cool Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water Purifier

Heron Queen is a full auto Water Purifier provide you unceasingly Hot and Cool Pure Water. It’s detect TDS level after filtration. Heron Queen has Self Backwash system which will increase the longevity of RO membrane. It’s provide digital signal when the reservoir is full and hot chamber will be heated. It has five stage filtration stage provide you 100% safe water.

Filteration stages of Heron Queen Water Purifier 

First Stage: K5633 5 micron PP filter

Second Stage: GAC carbon filter

Third Stage: GAC carbon filter

Fourth Stage: 50 GPD RO membrane filter

 Fifth Stage: In- Line Post Carbon filter

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