Brand: Heron.
Model: GRO-300.
Origin: China.
Membrane: USA.
Capacity: 300 GPD (45 Liter Per Hour (LPH).
Reserve Capacity: 11 G Pressure Tank.
Filtration Stage: Five.
Dimension: 78 X 41 X 23 CM.
Technology: Reverse Osmosis.



GRO-300 GPD Heron Semi Industrial RO Membrane Water Purifier

Heron 300 GPD water purifier is a commercial water purifiers. The Heron 300 GPD or approximate 1000 liters per day capacity is a good choice for any organization where more than 300 employees. The one time investment for purifier will be a stable solution to solve permanent drinking for any organization.

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Filteration stages of 300 GPD Heron RO Water Purifier

1st Stage: 5 Micron Sediment (PP)

2nd Stage: Carbon (OCB)

3rd Stage: Carbon (CTO)

4th Stage: RO Membrane

5th Stage: Test/Odor Carbon(T-33)


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