Hot and Cold Water Purifier



If you want a suitable water purifier, then ”GRO-2300-SC” is for you. This model is known as a compact RO water purifier. Because It has all in a compact space. You can set it where you want. You will get hot, cold and warm water from this excellent water purifier. It has a compressor based cooling system which will cool your water as much as you want. It is a 75GPD water purifier. It will purify 12 liters of water per hour. It has four filtration stages. All stages of water purifiers are available to us. So, no need to be worried about the extra cost of filters. This purifier will reserve .8 liter cold, 1.5 liters hot and 3.5 liters warm water for you as you can get water when you don’t have electricity in your home.

GRO-2300S Specification

Model No : GRO-2300S
Brand : Heron
Capacity : 75GPD (12LPH)
Country of Technology : USA
Origin : China
Hot Water : 1.5 L
Cold Water Capacity : .8 L
Normal Water : 3.5 L


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