Model: LSWP-401-N
Brand: Lan Shan
Origin: Taiwan
Capacity: 1GPM
Technology: Ultraviolet (UV).
Nano Silver Activated
Inhibit more than 650 bacterias growth

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Lan Shan LSWP 401 N UV Water Purifier

LSWP-401-N Lan Shan Household Water Purifier provide you better performance than Traditional Water Purifier. It has a hi-tech nano-technology and activity of silver ion is enhanced. activated carbon combining with nano-silver ions, its absorption capability on organic polymers is increased several times and disinfection efficiency is enhanced more than 2000 times comparing to the result from the silver added and silver impregnated carbons and several ten-times better than the chlorine effect in the tap water.

About Lan Shan

Lan Shan was established in 1993 as a professional manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems in Taiwan. The reverse osmosis products include ro systems, water purifiers, water filters, water dispensers, water fountains, ionizers, water equipment, quick filter systems, bag filter systems, ionized water, hi-flow manual valves, cabinet softeners and shower filters.


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