৳ 17,500.00

Capacity:100 GPD
Technology:Mineral RO
Country of Technology:USA
Made In Vietnam



Six Stage Sanaky-S3 Mineral RO Water Purifier

Model No: Sanaky-S3

Third model of Sanaky series is Sanaky-S3. Origin of this water purifier is Vietnam.  Anywhere you can set this machine. It has a durable RO frame which will ensure its longevity. You can hang this purifier in your wall. You can also set it under your kitchen sink. It is a Mineral RO water purifier which purify water and then add mineral which is needed to balance the pH level of water. It has a pressure meter which will display the current pressure of your raw water. It is a 100GPD water purifier which has a 10mm inlet pipe line to ensure the proper flow of raw water. It will provide maximum 16 liters pure water per hour. It purifies raw water through six different filters. it has a TDS controller. You can control the TDS level of your water after filtration. So, without making delay be a user of Sanaky.

Model No : Sanaky-S3
Brand : Sanaky
Capacity : 100 GPD
Reserve Capacity : 4.2 G Plasteel pressure tank
Technology : Mineral RO
Country of Technology : USA
Function : RO TDS Controller
Origin : Vietnam
Faucet : American type faucet
Dimension : 23.5x41x36.5 CM


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