Brand: Top Klean
Model: TPWP-505
Origin: Taiwan
Capacity: 1 GPM (Gallon Per Minute).
Filtration Stage: Five
Technology: Normal (PP, GAC & CTO)



TPWP-505 Top Klean 5 Stages General Filter Water Purifier

Top Klean TPWP-505 Water Purifiers it has 5 STAGES Filtration Stage Provide you clean & healthy water. 3.78 liter per minute water capacity, 3000 liter storage tank capacity. Top Klean launched a perfect General water filter in a reasonable price. There is no need to have electricity. It will purify water by your water pressure. You can hang it in your wall or also you can set it under your kitchen sink. It will purify your water by 5 different stages. You will get 1GPM (Gallon per minute) water from it.  It will remove mud, dirt, sand, odor from your water and it will make your water useable. So, be a user of Top Klean brand.


Filter Stage 5 Stage
Stage1 Sediment Filter
Stage2 Box Carbon Filter
Stage3 Net Carbon
Stage4 Mineral Filter
Stage5  Lamp


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